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I’m away at the moment so I thought I’d give myself a bit of an easier post by doing a bit of a tag. I found this tag on Amber over at Book Stacks Amber‘s page, and since I’m sitting in the library writing this, I saw no better tag to give a go! There will be a bit of a more serious post next week so I thought a bit of levity would do no harm.

I am a strong advocate for the library and borrowing books over buying them. It hasn’t always been like this, but last year during a huge overhaul of my room, I sacrificed my giant bookshelf for a much smaller one. The fact of the matter was I was holding onto books I didn’t like or hadn’t read for years, not for the sake of a collection but just to fill my bookshelf and justify its existence. So during that overhaul I donated six big moving boxes of books to charity in the hope that they’d get the love they deserved.

I’ll shut up now and actually get into the tag:

1. How often do you visit your local library?

Local is a key word here, I haven’t visited my closest library in over ten years I don’t think. This is due to my village’s demographic being largely pensioners, so my local library’s opening hours are pure ass. Instead I tend to go to the library in the next town over, It’s probably three times the size and has much more reasonable opening hours. I probably go there at least once maybe twice a week.

2. Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you know you can read, or are you someone who only checks out the exact amount of books you intend on reading before they are due?

Physical books I’m quite reserved borrowing. Which I know is a bit weird since I’m always here. I’ll only really take out four or five books a month when I know I can read a good bit more than that. There’s a few reasons for this, the main one being that I’m such a mood reader, I can’t take out like twelve books to have read in the month because there will be days I know I just won’t want to read them and then it’s a bit dumb. The other reason is Libby. Libby is like Scribd, with the eBook and audio-book selection, but it’s completely free through your library. This really meets my needs for book hoarding because after the 21 days they’re automatically returned.

3. How old were you when you got your first library card?

This was probably in school for the school library at maybe four or five years old? I’m assuming, I don’t remember. I do know at that young an age children would be on their parent/guardian’s card until maybe 8 years old.

4. Do you go to your library looking for a particular book or do you check out anything that peaks your interest?

I never go in looking for anything. This is because for some reason my library’s selection is really weird. It’s huge but the YA section is incredibly outdated, the NA section is half a half-height bookshelf, and bloody scarce. The Irish library system does me dirty on the regular. I am always ordering books into the library because there’s only ever one or two copies in the country and almost never in Dublin. So the first place I usually go is the reserves shelf which is by the information desk.

5. Do you use your library to check out just books or do you also check out DVDs, audio-books etc.?

Physically? Just books. But I usually exclusively get audio-books through Libby. I’m more of a reader than a movie person so I wouldn’t be as interested in getting DVDs, I’m writing this before I go away and we have no TV or anything where I’m going so it really just occurred to me to browse the DVDs and see if they have any good box sets I could watch away.

6. From what section of your library do you check out a majority of your books? (YA, middle grade, adult, nonfiction.)

The adult fiction section is huge so I’ll typically browse that, and also the graphic novels and manga too. It’s rarely got any complete series or anything. There’s a staff picks shelf I’ll also have a browse and then a featured table of books that sometimes have an interesting selection. I do tend to get 80% of the books I check out from the reserves shelf having ordered them in from the online catalogue.

7. What is your favourite part of using your local library?

I just, I just love reading. It’s not that I don’t particularly like spending money on books, it’s that I don’t want to. I can’t justify it to myself. I love the sense of community that comes with people coming together with a similar reason but can still be vastly different. It’s a big building full of adventures isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a tag to do and this one fits you please go for it I tag anyone who’s interested!

Do you use your local/local library? Why or why not?

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